Review: Game Of Thrones season 5 episode 8 – Hardhome

I had no choice but to post this. Just… holy shit what an episode. You can read my thoughts on it below, but remember: trust no one and spoilers are everywhere!

ep8 b

You know what’s funny? I was going to start this review by discussing that scene from the end of episode 6, seeing as I missed reviewing the last two episodes and Sansa’s ordeal spawned so much discussion and outright hatred towards the showrunners that I felt like I had to add my two cents on the matter. But then I saw this week’s episode. And after that, who the fuck cares about a tastefully executed scene that was shocking, yes, but also completely true to both the characters and the story? A scene that was not even a little bit offensive, and certainly not worth the excessive amount of venom spewed forth by clueless fuckers on the internet? I sure don’t care about things like that. Not when I have just witnessed a goddamn giant swatting ice zombies aside with a burning log!

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