About the author

Hello friends,

My name is mappelboom, which may sound like a weird name but in fact it was given to me by the Huaki tribe after I helped them slay a Mongolian Fire Demon that kept disrupting their Wi-Fi. It means “Thrower of Lounge Chairs,” or something equally badass, I forget what it was exactly.

Anyways, first let me confess I am not a native English speaker, but I am a lifelong film fan and a somewhat experienced blogger. For the past five years I maintained a movie blog in my native language, but the time has come for me to step up my game and see if I can reach a wider audience. On this here site you can expect regular reviews of the films that I watch, which will mainly be blockbusters and action movies, but could be anything that catches my interest. No documentaries though. What am I, a Communist? I don’t watch that shit.

What I will do is throw in the occasional review of a television show or video game, share my thoughts on the latest movie news, maybe even post a few short stories. I used to write those a lot, even self-published a fantasy novel in 2006. People seemed to like it too (well, the 11 people who bought a copy did). Since then I haven’t written much besides movie reviews, certainly nothing in English, so it’s time to give that a shot I think.

All right, I hope you read some of the stuff I’ll be posting here. If you do, let me know by leaving a comment. I love comments; they brighten my day more than finding a Golden Mario in a stack of Diddy Kongs.

Thanks a lot guys, enjoy the site.