Mappelboom reads the news – 20 April 2016 edition

Talking to you guys about recent movie news is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I don’t want to discuss all the news with you – you’ve already got a billion other sources for that I’m sure – but just the stuff that I personally think is interesting. The news that gets me excited, makes me angry, breaks my heart, or simply makes me laugh. I’m thinking one of these little articles every 1-2 weeks should be a good start. Here’s the first one.

Jason Statham to fight a giant prehistoric shark in MEG

Well, this caught me by surprise. They’ve been trying to make MEG into a movie for ages, the most recent attempt having Eli Roth (CABIN FEVER, HOSTEL) in the director’s chair. I wasn’t super comfortable with that choice, but I was happy the project was at least moving forward again. I read the book “Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror” by Steve Alten when I was still in high school and immediately knew it would make a great film. It’s about a couple of scientists who go down into a trench and accidentally bring a prehistoric supershark back up with them, as you do. The monster wreaks havoc and eats an absolute shit-ton of people, until finally our hero Jonas (that’s not too on the nose, is it?) gets swallowed by the thing and destroys its fucking heart like he’s Kevin Sorbo or something. It ROCKS.

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Top 10 Films of 2015

Happy New Year everybody! Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I thought March was the cut-off point. Anyways, here’s a list of films I enjoyed in 2015*. Beware of SPOILERS; there’s plenty of ’em.

* Just to let you know, there’s a couple titles that might have made the list but that I didn’t get a chance to see yet, like THE HATEFUL EIGHT, CREED and THE REVENANT.


Let’s be honest, 2015 was not a great year for films. It did have a lot of potential to be great; I remember looking at the list of upcoming titles early in the year and feeling almost dizzy at the amount of promising stuff. MAD MAX, AGE OF ULTRON, FURIOUS 7, SPECTRE, STAR WARS, the list goes on. Sadly though, almost all of it ended up disappointing me to varying degrees. I think we can all agree that SPECTRE, the most pathetic attempt at a James Bond film since DIE ANOTHER DAY, is easily the worst offender of the bunch. However, when it comes to ROGUE NATION (RT rating of 93%) I seem to be one of only a handful of people willing to call it out on its bullshit.

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